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Meeting Summary — 5/2/2019

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Meeting Summary — 4/18/2019

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Meeting Summary — 4/4/2019

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Meeting Summary — 3/21/2019

Today’s presentation was given by Dr. Peter Clemente. Visiting today for the first time were Gimbert Fernandez (of Always Best Care) and Steve Millinger (of VA Benefit Advisors). Kathy awarded the trophy to Jennifer. John B gave a referral to Milt; Milt and Ivan had a one-to-one. Jennifer thanked Art for a referral.

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Meeting Summary — 3/7/2019

Today’s speaker was John Papakonstantinou of Amboy Bank. We picked business cards from a hat and did the commercial for the person we pulled. Visiting today for the first time were Sam Ogunnaike (of Internal Leviathan Media) and Nathan Wilson (a painter). Visiting for a second time was Lori Lynn Smith (of New York Life). Visiting and joining was Chada Ippolito (of New York Life). Joe awarded the trophy to Kathy. John B had a one-to-one with Anthony Pugliese. Ken and Ivan had a one-to-one. Harold said that Gabrielle does a great job with wills. Milt said that Ivan gave a referral who turned into a client. Ivan had a referral for Carla. Ivan thanked Jennifer for taking a quick call.

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Meeting Summary — 2/21/2019

There was no presentation today. We went around the room and each shared what is new in everyone’s business.

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Meeting Summary — 2/7/2019

Ken Giudice presented at today’s meeting.

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Meeting Summary — 1/17/19

Carla presented at this morning’s meeting. Ivan started the meeting by reminding everyone of the purpose of Business over Breakfast. Ken reminded everyone that annual dues for 2019 need to be paid. Harvey mentioned that SCORE has a bunch of upcoming seminars in the area, you can find them on their website. Vincent Deserto told everyone about the Tricky Tray fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis on April 12 at the Edison Elks. Scott rejoined BOB today, with his new business, BBC Signs. Leroy awarded the trophy to Carla. Javier received a referral from John B.

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Meeting Summary — 1/3/2019

Harvey served as facilitator this morning. Milt Paris gave the presentation on goal setting. Leroy won the trophy. Rich K brought a visitor — Richie, one of his workers. Pat gave a testimonial about Joe D. Ken said that Rich K helped out with his rental property. Harvey said that he spoke to Anthony P switched to Farmers Insurance. Preston said that Art Crimmins did some work around his house.

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Meeting Summary — 12/20/2018

Today was the last meeting of the year. Carla gave the presentation at today’s lighty-attended meeting. Pat won the trophy. Members need to renew their membership for 2019.

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