Posted by: JoeDeBonis | November 18, 2021

Meeting Summary — 11/18/2021

This was the first meeting facilitated by Gabrielle and Jennifer. At this meeting we had a discussion on the group’s mission statement.

Al Cancela (from visited us today. Former member Eugene Teslya visited and joined today.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | November 4, 2021

Meeting Summary — 11/4/2021

Brian Nolan gave the presentation at today’s meeting. At the end of the meeting, Ivan stepped down as facilitator and announced that Jennifer would take his place.

Leroy thanked Tony and Al. Sam had a one-to-one with Joe. Ivan had referrals for Jay, Pat, and Jennifer. Brian used a referral from Ivan for his house. Jennifer thanked Ivan for the referral, and she thanked Joe for his assistance.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | October 21, 2021

Meeting Summary — 10/21/2021

At this morning’s meeting, we had a discussion about the future of BOB and what people would like to see in the group.

Jennifer mentioned that Joe has been helping with a couple of her less-technical clients.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | October 7, 2021

Meeting Summary — 10/7/2021

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | September 16, 2021

Meeting Summary — 9/16/2021

This meeting was cancelled due to the holiday, but the announcement email got lost. A small group met for breakfast and networking.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | September 2, 2021

Meeting Summary — 9/2/2021

This meeting was cancelled since many people were on vacation.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | August 19, 2021

Meeting Summary — 8/19/2021

Ivan did the education on building trust.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | August 5, 2021

Meeting Summary — 8/5/2021

Sam did the education on Team Building. A Facebook messenger group was set up.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | July 15, 2021

Meeting Summary — 7/15/2021

This was the second meeting in July.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | July 1, 2021

Meeting Summary — 7/1/2021

Ivan was the speaker this morning. Jennifer did the education on checking your business insurance policy (GCL and EPLI).

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