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Meeting Summary — 2/15/2018

Tony Ferrazzano gave the presentation at today’s meeting. Visiting today were Hala Farag (of Capital One Bank) and Dr. Frank Spano (of Core Spine and Wellness). John Bermudez said that he meeting with a client and saw Joe D in action. Andrea got a display tablecloth from Melissa. Howard thanked John Bermudez for the networking event, Dr. Frank for his services, Joe D for working on his assistant’s laptop; he also had lunch with Jim thanked John Bermudez for the event Babs thanked Art for installing a thermostat. Tara thanked John Bermudez for the event. Melissa had one-on-ones with Gerri and Tara. Gerri thanked John Bermudez for the invitation to networking event; she had one-on-ones with Melissa and Ivan had one-on-ones with Jim, Ray, John Bermudez, and Tara. Tara gave trophy to John Bermudez.

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Meeting Summary — 2/1/2018

Ron Shuali presented at today’s meeting and kept everyone engaged with a demonstration/exercise. Visiting today was Ann Marie Burke (of Century 21 Burke Realty). Joining today were John Ingrassia (of Image In Stone Mfg) and Tara Paccillo (of Rebalance Massage Clinic). John Bermudez thanked Pat for the referral. Tara was awarded the trophy for incorporating props into her commercial.

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Meeting Summary — 1/18/2018

John Burmedez presented at today’s well-attended meeting. It was the first meeting of the year, as the January 4th meeting was cancelled due to the snow. Art thanked Gerri for the opportunity to do work at her house. Ray thanked Ivan for the referrals. Jeff won the trophy. Joining today were Katie Zacek (of Sam Fisher & Associates) and Anthony Pugliese (of Farmers Insurance).

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Meeting Summary — 12/21/2017

There was no presentation at the final meeting of the year, so we went around the room and gave one sentence on what we were thankful for in our business, and one area that needs improvement. Visiting today were Geovany Aranzazu (of A&M Kitchen & Cabinet Design), Steve Carrano (of Carrano Air Contracting), Steven Marchi (of All Occasion Limousine), Tara Paccillo (a Doterra Wellness Advocate), and Rudy Soto (of Integrated ATM Machine). Rich M thanked Tom for the referral. Andrea won the trophy.

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Meeting Summary — 12/7/2017

This was Tom’s last meeting. He gave the 30 second commercials for each BOB member there. We wish Tom the best of success in his move to Arizona. Visiting today was Ron Shuali of (My Life My Power), and Tom’s sister.

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Meeting Summary — 11/16/2017

Milt Paris is gave a presentation at today’s well-attended meeting. Visiting today were Klea Constantinou (of Air-Cool), Helen Feng (of Cruise Planners), Katie Zacek (of Samuel S. Fisher & Associates), and Barbara Friedman and Olga Sawuk (of NJ News Jersey). Art won the trophy.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | November 2, 2017

Meeting Summary — 11/2/2017

Arnie Tiangco gave this morning’s presentation. Dr. Pete won the trophy.

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Meeting Summary — 10/19/2017

Ivan gave the presentation at today’s meeting. J.J. had the display table. Visiting today was Pat Mills (of Advanced TechService); visiting and joining today was Barbara Burford (of Clutter Control by Babs). Art thanked Ivan, Jennifer, Harvey, Harold, Joe S, Dr. Pete, and Barb Burford for the work. Ken G thanked Joe D for setting up wifi in his office. It was announced that Andrea will be the recording secretary for 2018 (and beyond). A holiday party has been tentatively scheduled for Friday, December 8 at the home of Harvey Levine; members in good financial standing and their guests are invited. Dr. Pete won the trophy for his commercial.

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Meeting Summary — 10/5/2017

Melissa George and George Michaels gave the presentation at today’s meeting on their company, MG Imprints. Visting today was Frank De Luca (of Cambridge Financial Services. Visiting and joining today, was previous-member Bailey Finch.

Joe D thanked Lance for the referral. Arnie thanked Lance for the referral. Rich M thanked Lance. Ray thanked Tom for the referral. Ray thanked George R for the work. Mike thanked Ray. Bailey thanked Al‘s wife for the lead at Club Metro. Andrea thanked Mike for the referral.

Photo Feeler was a tool that was mentioned at the meeting.

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Meeting Summary — 9/21/2017

There was no meeting today, in observance of Rosh Hashana.

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