Posted by: JoeDeBonis | December 19, 2019

Meeting Summary — 12/19/2019

Carla Scaturro presented at today’s meeting. Ivan had lunch with Sam. Ken said that Doris is replacing the lettering on his door.

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Meeting Summary — 12/5/2019

Brian Nolan and Al Woller gave the presentation today. Sam Tolley gave the trophy to Ray Koye.

Doris had a one-to-one with Ken. Greg had a one-to-one with Ken.

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Meeting Summary — 11/21/2019

Anthony Pugliese gave the presentation. Ken did a refi with Vince. Sam had one-on-one with Eric Blumenthal. Rich had one-on-ones with Art, Sam, and Greg this year. Joe thanked Milt and Harold for the referrals. Joe has one-on-ones with Ken and Greg.

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Meeting Summary — 11/7/2019

Ivan Gutierrez presented at this meeting. Rich K had a one-on-one with Harvey while working on his furnace. Milt one-on-one with Ivan.Pat testimonial to Ivan about house-buying process. Pat thanked Joe for helping him with a client on Sunday. Joe referred friends to Rich K. Joe had one-on-ones with Pat and Ken. Ray/a> thanked Doris for signs. Ivan said that Rich K helped out with some of his clients. Rich K said that Pat was working on his laptop.

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Meeting Summary — 10/17/2019

Rich Margolis presented at this morning’s meeting. Art won the trophy. Visiting today for the first time was Eric Blumenthal (of Frankel Financial Corp). Returning for a visit was Alba Castano (of I Need A Hero). Returning and joining today was Andrey Belinsky (of Top Dog Restorations).

Jennifer thanked Gabrielle. Vince said that John P called. Art thanked Ivan for referral and Frank for fixing the brakes on his wife’s car. Joe had lunch with Anthony. Joe had lunch with Pat. Joe said that Rich K went to his friend’s house to look at a furnace. Pat thanked Art for providing assistance.

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Meeting Summary — 10/3/2019

Pat Mills gave the presentation this morning. Attending the meeting for the first time was Andrey Belinsky (of Top Dog Renovations). Ken Giudice was awarded the trophy by Art. Greg had one-on-ones with Rich M and Milt. Greg said Art came over and helped with some items. Anthony thanked Joe for helping rebuild a laptop. Joe referred Ray and Rich K. Gabrielle used Joe, Art, Ray, Carla for business insurance; she added that Milt is member of the Kiwanis with her, Vincent helped lower her office Comcast bill, and that Rich M got her a speaking gig. Vincent said Ken helped with refinance advice. Carla thanked Ivan for referring her while he was keeping a deal together. Pat added that Ivan helps everyone. Pat had one-to-one with Joe.

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Meeting Summary — 9/19/2019

Harvey Levine gave a presentation about SCORE. Art won the trophy. Ivan thanked Rich K for assisting with a new installation. Jennifer thanked Gabrielle for a referral. Al had a one-on-one with Sailesh. Ray thanked Joe for a referral regarding work at the Jamesburg Elks. Joe gave kudos to Preston for his job on the Elks newsletter. Ken had Rich K doing work.

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Meeting Summary — 9/5/2019

Sailesh Mehta gave this morning’s presentation on life insurance. Visiting today was Alba Castano (of I Need a Hero). It was announced that dues would be $100 next year, with a $40 credit for anyone who brings in a new member. Carla reported that the August happy hour was good and everyone sat outside. The next happy hour will be on October 24 as not to conflict with Halloween. The trophy was awarded to Rich M. Al thanked Anthony. Gabrielle thanked Carla. Sam thanked Gabrielle. Ivan thanked Pat and Rich K. Joe had a referral for Ray. Al said that Gabrielle gave a presentation last night at a senior community.

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Meeting Summary — 8/15/2019

Rich Knapp gave the presentation this morning. The trophy went to Gabrielle. Brian said Rich K came over. Harvey had water on the floor and said that Rich Kcame at night an installed a fitting. Rich M had a one-on-one with Sam. Art thanked Greg and Jennifer for the opportunity to do work at their homes. Art thanked Rich K for the referral. Pat had a referral for Rich K.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | August 1, 2019

Meeting Summary — 8/1/2019

Ray Koye gave a roofing demonstration as part of his presentation this morning. Gabrielle gave the trophy to Al. Joe had lunch with Pat. Al thanked Rich K for servicing his AC units. Gabrielle thanked Joe for looking at her PC issues, Pat for doing work in the past, Art for the many jobs he’s done for her, Brian for his work with her, Jennifer for her assistance; also thanks to Carla, Ken, Al, Milt, and Ray.

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