Posted by: JoeDeBonis | January 3, 2019

Meeting Summary — 1/3/2019

Harvey served as facilitator this morning. Milt Paris gave the presentation on goal setting. Leroy won the trophy. Rich K brought a visitor — Richie, one of his workers. Pat gave a testimonial about Joe D. Ken said that Rich K helped out with his rental property. Harvey said that he spoke to Anthony P switched to Farmers Insurance. Preston said that Art Crimmins did some work around his house.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | December 20, 2018

Meeting Summary — 12/20/2018

Today was the last meeting of the year. Carla gave the presentation at today’s lighty-attended meeting. Pat won the trophy. Members need to renew their membership for 2019.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | December 6, 2018

Meeting Summary — 12/6/2018

Al Woller gave the presentation that this morning’s meeting. The Holiday Party will be on Dec 14 at Harvey’s house. Jennifer won the trophy. Carla said that Pat worked on her laptop. Gabrielle said that Ray Koye did a good job. Ken thanks Rich Knapp for some work he did. Gabrielle said that Al Woller is knowledgeable and does a great job. Ivan also used Rich Knapp. Andrea and Gerri announced that they were leaving the group.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | November 16, 2018

Meeting Summary — 11/15/18

There was no presentation at this morning’s meeting. Jennifer won the trophy. Visiting today was Frank Perry (of Perry’s Automotive Service). Happy hour is on Thursday, November 29 at the East Brunswick Elks (21 Oakmont Ave, East Brunswick, NJ). Please RSVP if you haven’t already done so.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | November 1, 2018

Meeting Summary — 11/1/2018

Presenting today was Rich Knapp. Visiting today was David Leta (a Marketing Manager/Creative Consultant), and Brenda Rivera (of Re/Max Our Town). Joining today was Mark Alan Kroen (of PromoBiz) and Leroy Schneider (of Reliable Overhead Door). Joe D and Pat got together for a one-on-one. Carla and Ivan got together for a one-on-one. Pat, Ivan, and Leroy got together for a group meeting.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | October 18, 2018

Meeting Summary — 10/18/2018

Howard gave the presentation at today’s meeting, talking about The Living Balance Sheet. Visiting today was Leroy Schneider (of Reliable Overhead Door) and Maureen McCann Illanovsky (of Keller Williams). Al won the trophy. Al thanked Art for work performed for his mom. Pat said that he did some work with Joe D. Anthony P said that Art did work for him. Andrea and Anthony P had a one on one. Joe D gave a referral to Rich K. Joe thanked Arnie for some work.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | October 4, 2018

Meeting Summary — 10/4/2018

Ivan presented today and shared his knowledge about short sales and real estate investing. Art awarded the trophy to Jeff P. Milt offered to put BOB members 30-second commercial on the radio — just reach out to him. Visiting for the first time today was Marshall Morris. Returning for a visit and joining today were Carla Scaturro and Rich Knapp.

Milt thanked Ivan for a referral for the radio; he said Ivan is a gentleman, sincere, and a nice guy. Joe D commented that Preston has been printing the Jamesburg Elks newsletter for years and does a great job. Babs had Art do work for her. Vincent said he had Art do some work in his house. John B had one-on-ones with Vincent and Sam. Howard saw Harvey . Ray and Ivan had a one-on-one.

Howard gave a reminder about donating blood and platelets. Dr Pete recommends
On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century by Timothy Snyder and Going Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | September 21, 2018

Meeting Summary — 9/20/2018

John P gave the presentation this morning on Senior Home Equity Lines of Credit. Joe D awarded the trophy to Art. Helen gave a testimonial to Gerri. Joe D had a 1-on-1 with Ken G. Doris and Babs got together for a 1-on-1. Javier thanked John B for help with his website. Ivan ran into Milt in a restaurant. Ivan reminded everyone to reach out to members who haven’t been attending meetings recently.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | September 17, 2018

Meeting Summary — 9/6/2018

Jennifer Meyer-Mahoney gave a presentation about the new paid sick leave act that goes into effect on October 29. John Bermudez started in his role as BOB facilitator today. Pat gave the trophy to Joe D. Joining today was Janet Kai (of Live-Love-Life Insurance). Visiting today were Rich Knapp (of Rich Knapp, LLC HVAC), Kathy Morris (of Morris Design), and Carla Scaturro (of Farmers Insurance).

John B had a one-on-one over the phone with Jeff. John B met with Ken G to talk about his side business. Gerri thanked everyone for signing happy birthday to her at the happy hour. Brian has used Jennifer for various tasks over the years and said she’s super. Rich gave a shout to Anthony Pugliese and Tom. Gerri took Milt up on his offer of spending one hour with any BOB member and spoke of his respect and integrity. Jennifer thanked Al Woller for sending her someone who became a client. Art thanked Babs for the referral. The happy hour on 11/29 will be at the American Grill.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | August 16, 2018

Meeting Summary — 8/16/2018

John Bermudez presented at today’s meeting. Pat Mills won the trophy. Joe S gave a testimonial to John B. Ivan connected Jennifer with someone who needed her assitance. Howard said that John B’s networking event last night was a great event. Joe D had lunches with Pat, George, and Ken. Jennifer got business cards quickly from Preston. George said that Preston also helped him out with last-minute programs.

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