Posted by: JoeDeBonis | July 2, 2020

Meeting Summary — 7/2/2020

Tony was the facilitator of this Zoom meeting. Nicole gave a presenstation. Harvey thanked Rich Knapp and Ivan. Rich thanked Tony. Sailesh said that Rich was at his house. Al thanked Gabrielle for sharing a referral and Milt for the referral. Joe thanked Gabrielle and Carla for thinking of him.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | June 18, 2020

Meeting Summary — 6/18/2020

Ken did a impromptu presentation at this morning’s meeting, based on a question from Gabrielle. Carla ran today’s meeting, conducted over Zoom. Sailesh thanked Rich for fixing his air conditioning. Arnie thanked Pat for his assistance. Arnie also thanked Scott for coming over to address the snakes in his pond. Sailesh said that Ken did a refi for him. Milt had Ray working on his roof. Al spent time on the phone with Ken doing some number crunching on a refi. Pat thanked Arnie for the work and the introduction. Art gave a referral to Ivan. Sailesh mentioned his Wednesday night and Friday morning networking groups.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | June 6, 2020

Meeting Summary — 6/4/2020

We held this morning’s meeting via Zoom. There wasn’t a presentation at the meeting. We talked about what we’ve been working on lately during our commercials. Milt said that he had Ray working on his roof.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | May 21, 2020

Meeting Summary — 5/21/2020

There was no presentation at this morning’s meeting, held via Zoom. In our commercials, we talked about how each of us was thinking “outside the box” to serve our customers. Pat mentioned that he had one-on-ones with Rich K and Joe; he also reminded us that a one-on-one doesn’t need to be a face-to-face meeting — a phone conversation to catch up an see how business is going is just as good. Ivan reminded everyone to reach out to BOB members who we haven’t seen in a while — it’s easier to get on a videoconference at 7:30am than it is to get to the Omega Diner.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | May 7, 2020

Meeting Summary — 5/7/2020

We continued with our virtual BOB meetings this morning, via Zoom.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | April 23, 2020

Meeting Summary — 4/23/2020

We conducted our first meeting in a while via Zoom. There was no presentation, but it was good to see familiar faces for the first time in a month-and-a-half.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | March 5, 2020

Meeting Summary — 3/5/2020

Gabrielle and Jennifer gave a presentation about changing laws and how it could affect your business at today’s meeting — Gabrielle spoke about the SECURE Act and Jennifer spoke about six new laws that affect businesses who hire independent contractors. Leroy awarded the trophy to Rich M. Visiting today for a second time were Phill Martottoli (of Spherion) and Melisa Takacs (of Millennium Interstate Realty).

Nicole had a one-to-one with Melisa. Carla thanked Joe for working on a scanner issue. Rich M thanked Joe for the work he’s done. Tony still working with Ivan on a deal. Ivan had a one-to-one with Rich K. Melisa said that Leroy fixed her garage door after the last meeting. Sam one-to-one with Al. Al thanked Milt for a referral. Joe said he gave Art’s name to someone on the Next Door website/app. Sailesh had one-to-one meetings with Gabrielle and Melisa. Milt thanked Ken for a referral.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | February 20, 2020

Meeting Summary — 2/20/2020

Anthony Pugliese and Ivan Gutierrez gave presentations today. Sam awarded the trophy to Leroy. Visiting and joining today was Nicole Drasin (of Edward Jones). Also visiting today were Ekta Parekh (of MassMutual), Sara Iovine (a nurse), and Melisa Takacs (of Millennium Interstate Realty).

Milt said that Joe helped him with a computer issue. Sailesh and Tony had a one-to-one. Tony and Ivan are working on the project together. Al had Rich K working on a boiler issue. Joe had one-to-ones with Pat and Ken. Rich M had Joe working on post-Windows 10 upgrade issues; he also has Ken working on a mortgage. Leroy had Art do some work at his house. Pat had Rich K get his heat running again. Art thanked Al for the referral. Art thanked Jennifer for her assistance. Ray gave a testimonial to Rich K. Ivan thanked Leroy for putting an attachment on his garage door to keep the garage warm and the mice out.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | February 6, 2020

Meeting Summary — 2/6/2020

John Papakonstantinou and Sailesh Mehta presented at today’s meeting. Sam Tolley won the trophy.

Posted by: JoeDeBonis | January 16, 2020

Meeting Summary — 1/16/2020

Milton Paris and Scott Linde gave the presentations today. Carla awarded the trophy to Pat

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