BOB Meeting — What to Expect

If you’re attending a BOB meeting for the first time, here’s what to expect.

The meeting start time is 7:30am. When you arrive, place your breakfast order with the waitress who will give you a number. Choose a seat and put your number down, but don’t sit. Walk around and introduce yourself — we do open networking until 7:45.

At 7:45, the meeting is called to order. The facilitator will make some announcements and provide news about the group, then we’ll open the floor for anyone who wants to announce upcoming networking events. We’ll then go around the room, taking 30-45 seconds to talk about ourselves and our businesses. The exact amount of time will be announced before we start, and there is a timer to keep the meeting moving. When the intros are over, breakfast will be served.

If there is a presentation that morning, a BOB member will talk about their business or provide insight about his/her industry. If there’s not a presentation, we have a group discussion about something relevant to our businesses. Afterwards, we have more open networking. The meeting officially ends at 9am, but often people are still around 30-60 minutes later talking and networking.