Posted by: JoeDeBonis | November 4, 2016

Meeting Summary — 11/3/2016

The was no presentation today. Visiting today for the first time was Hannah Liebowitz (or Remote Business Assistants). Brian Nolan discussed some of the news from the executive board. He said that he will take a tally of the referrals mentioned at the end of the meeting. Tom said that if anyone has any meeting themes for 2017, now would be a good time to suggest them. The Holiday Party will be on December 9 at the home of Harvey Levine.

Since it was the first time formally presenting referrals, many members presented a list of referrals that they’ve made over the years. Mike A gave a shout out to Ray, George R, and Art. Dr. Ken has used the services of Gerri, Vincent, Art, Heidi, Mike A, George M, Darr, Gabrielle, and Melissa. Heidi thanked Vincent, Melissa, Gerri, Darr, Dr. Ken, Gabrielle, and Doris. Jane said that Jennifer helped her with a legal issue. Gabrielle thanked Tom, Dr. Ken, Jane and Brian, Art, Ken G, Joe D, and Vincent for their assistance over the years. Brian N thanked Vincent, Harvey, Gabrielle, and Lance. Lance thanked Tom for a referral years ago, which led to business back then, as well as recently. Art did work for Rich E and Melissa and George M; he thanks Rich E for the referral. George M thanked Darr for the pens, Dr. Ken, Joe D, Gabrielle, Vincent, and Art. Howard said that he referred Connie to a client for a corporate event and she made him look like a hero. Melissa thanked Art for the quick turnaround on work she had at her house and Joe D for his assistance after her laptop died. Tom thanked Gabrielle for her work on a special needs trust for a client. Al thanked Gabrielle (for her assistance with a social security issue) and Harvey. Gerri thanked Dr. Ken (for getting her walking and riding), Brian N, Art, Ken G, Jennifer, Joe S, Jason L, Lance, Heidi, Darr, Connie, Joe D, and Harvey. Jennifer thanked Ken G, Gerri, Brian Nolan, and Joe D. Vincent thanked the group for their support with his Cystic Fibrosis fundraising, particularly Brian N, who is a sponsor of Vincent‘s team every year. He also thanked Dr. Ken, Heidi, Joe D, Brian N, Gabrielle, as well as Melissa for running the ad for BOB in her newspapers. Andrea thanked Melissa for her assistance. Melissa had two one-on-ones since the last meeting, one with Art and one with Joe D.

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