Posted by: JoeDeBonis | February 15, 2018

Meeting Summary — 2/15/2018

Tony Ferrazzano gave the presentation at today’s meeting. Visiting today were Hala Farag (of Capital One Bank) and Dr. Frank Spano (of Core Spine and Wellness). John Bermudez said that he meeting with a client and saw Joe D in action. Andrea got a display tablecloth from Melissa. Howard thanked John Bermudez for the networking event, Dr. Frank for his services, Joe D for working on his assistant’s laptop; he also had lunch with Jim thanked John Bermudez for the event Babs thanked Art for installing a thermostat. Tara thanked John Bermudez for the event. Melissa had one-on-ones with Gerri and Tara. Gerri thanked John Bermudez for the invitation to networking event; she had one-on-ones with Melissa and Ivan had one-on-ones with Jim, Ray, John Bermudez, and Tara. Tara gave trophy to John Bermudez.

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