Posted by: JoeDeBonis | April 4, 2019

Meeting Summary — 4/4/2019

Gabrielle Strich presented at today’s meeting. Jennifer Meyer Mahoney awarded the trophy to Brian. Visiting today were Jess Valentin and Linda Garcia (from Rutgers Fence), as well as AnnMarie Murzin (of Murzin Law) and Laura Desai (from Ying Hua International School). Jennifer thanked Gabrielle for referring a client who had a pension appeal. Jennifer thanked Javier for the work he did on her house. Pat thanked Rich K for repairing on his furnace after PSE&G said it was dead and would cost $10,000 to replace. Pat thanked Joe for helping him find a place to recycle old computers. Joe had a one-on-one with Pat. Joe said that Preston has been doing a great job printing the newsletter for the Jamesburg Elks for years. Frank thanked Pat for looking at his printer and keeping it running. Jim had a one-on-one with John B. Brian said that Gabrielle helped one of his clients. Rich M said that Joe hasn’t need to visit at all this tax season because his printer is working great.

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