Posted by: JoeDeBonis | October 3, 2019

Meeting Summary — 10/3/2019

Pat Mills gave the presentation this morning. Attending the meeting for the first time was Andrey Belinsky (of Top Dog Renovations). Ken Giudice was awarded the trophy by Art. Greg had one-on-ones with Rich M and Milt. Greg said Art came over and helped with some items. Anthony thanked Joe for helping rebuild a laptop. Joe referred Ray and Rich K. Gabrielle used Joe, Art, Ray, Carla for business insurance; she added that Milt is member of the Kiwanis with her, Vincent helped lower her office Comcast bill, and that Rich M got her a speaking gig. Vincent said Ken helped with refinance advice. Carla thanked Ivan for referring her while he was keeping a deal together. Pat added that Ivan helps everyone. Pat had one-to-one with Joe.

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