Posted by: JoeDeBonis | February 20, 2020

Meeting Summary — 2/20/2020

Anthony Pugliese and Ivan Gutierrez gave presentations today. Sam awarded the trophy to Leroy. Visiting and joining today was Nicole Drasin (of Edward Jones). Also visiting today were Ekta Parekh (of MassMutual), Sara Iovine (a nurse), and Melisa Takacs (of Millennium Interstate Realty).

Milt said that Joe helped him with a computer issue. Sailesh and Tony had a one-to-one. Tony and Ivan are working on the project together. Al had Rich K working on a boiler issue. Joe had one-to-ones with Pat and Ken. Rich M had Joe working on post-Windows 10 upgrade issues; he also has Ken working on a mortgage. Leroy had Art do some work at his house. Pat had Rich K get his heat running again. Art thanked Al for the referral. Art thanked Jennifer for her assistance. Ray gave a testimonial to Rich K. Ivan thanked Leroy for putting an attachment on his garage door to keep the garage warm and the mice out.

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