Posted by: JoeDeBonis | March 5, 2020

Meeting Summary — 3/5/2020

Gabrielle and Jennifer gave a presentation about changing laws and how it could affect your business at today’s meeting — Gabrielle spoke about the SECURE Act and Jennifer spoke about six new laws that affect businesses who hire independent contractors. Leroy awarded the trophy to Rich M. Visiting today for a second time were Phill Martottoli (of Spherion) and Melisa Takacs (of Millennium Interstate Realty).

Nicole had a one-to-one with Melisa. Carla thanked Joe for working on a scanner issue. Rich M thanked Joe for the work he’s done. Tony still working with Ivan on a deal. Ivan had a one-to-one with Rich K. Melisa said that Leroy fixed her garage door after the last meeting. Sam one-to-one with Al. Al thanked Milt for a referral. Joe said he gave Art’s name to someone on the Next Door website/app. Sailesh had one-to-one meetings with Gabrielle and Melisa. Milt thanked Ken for a referral.

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