Posted by: JoeDeBonis | August 6, 2020

Meeting Summary — 8/6/2020

Tony was the facilitator of this Zoom meeting; it was lightly attended as many members were still without power after Tropical Storm Isaias. Rich said he was at Brian’s house and Ken’s office. Ken said that Rich helped with A/C in his office. Al thanked Ken for the most challenging potential client; he also thanked Gabrielle for her business. Carla thanked Joe for help with the scanner in her office. Gabrielle said that Al came up with a better annuity; she also said that Joe worked on her network and thanked Carla for her business insurance and providing ways to reduce costs. Carla said Ivan referred a real estate investor to her. Carla had a on-to-one with Ivan in the backyard. Tony and Ivan went out for mojitos.

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