Posted by: JoeDeBonis | November 19, 2020

Meeting Summary — 11/19/2020

Pat Mills gave a presentation this morning about the causes of computer slowdowns. Tom O’Toole and Ron Granberg visited this morning. Carla is collecting Toys for Tots in her office.

Milt thanked Joe for working on his computer. Anthony thanked Pat for working on his computer. Nicole said that Ivan and Carla sent referrals; she met with Pat, Ivan, and Carla via Zoom. Joe had lunch with Pat and mentioned how they work well together; he also said that he owes Tom a phone call, and that it was nice to see Ron on the call. Brian, that Ivan gave him three referrals recently, and that he had a one-to-one with Nicole . Sailesh met with Gabrielle, Ken, and Milt. Ivan sent photos to Rich for a client.

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