Bruce Mishkin

Bruce Mishkin

Pinpoint Mobile

Address 32 Woodhollow Rd.
City, State, Zip West Windsor, NJ 08550
Phone Number (732)535-6527
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Pinpoint Mobile designs and develops websites specifically for smartphones. Such websites are configured to fit and be viewed on small smartphone screens such as iPhone and Android devices.

Next year, more consumers and business people will be accessing the Internet and websites via their smartphones rather than on their computers, making it a necessity for businesses that are serious about Internet marketing and effectively reaching their prospective customers to accommodate mobile users with smartphone-optimized websites that are easy to read and navigate.

Is your website mobile-ready? Try accessing your business’s website on your smartphone and you’ll see that most likely, your website will be both difficult to read and hard to navigate. If that is the case, contact Pinpoint Mobile today and learn how you can easily and inexpensively prepare your business for the mobile revolution.