David Wendel

David Wendel

The Wendel Law Firm, LLC

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Address 197 Route 18 South
Suite 3000, South Wing
City, State, Zip East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Mailing Address 12 Birchwood Place
Mailing City, State, Zip Leonardo, NJ 07737
Phone Number (732) 872-4630
Fax Number (732) 204-2846
Mobile Number (908) 591-9570
Website www.wendellawnj.com
Email david@wendellawnj.com

I am a Civil Litigation / Trial Attorney that helps businesses and individuals assess the risks and benefits of resolving their disputes and, upon request, zealously represents them to achieve their objectives. Depending on your matter, this is accomplished through a varied combination of written communications, mediation, arbitration, litigation, trial, and appeals. I remain in continuous and steady communication with each client, and promptly return their phone calls and emails.

People seek my input when they have a dispute they would like to resolve. These can include a break-up of a business, collection of monies owed, debts owed to others, disputes between businesses who act unlawfully towards each other or their partners or employees, purchasers and sellers of goods and services, wrongful denial of insurance coverage or benefits, and those who have experienced personal injury or property damage due to the unlawful, negligent, or wrongful conduct of others. If there is a matter I feel I cannot properly handle, my practice is to refer that matter to a seasoned professional I know and trust, and who is best equipped to solve that person’s problem. My objective is to service your needs with the knowledge, experience and resources I have acquired in my 24 years practicing law. The services I provide are specifically geared to you, as everyone’s case is not exactly the same.

In order to determine your options, my philosophy is that a detailed initial interview, where all facts and pertinent documents are reviewed, is encouraged. This interview may take place at your place of business or home depending upon the matter. I consider this to be one of the most important meetings I will have with you as we will, together, prepare a “blue print” as to how your problem may be best addressed according to your needs and budget. This plan is flexible and adjusts to changes in your case as it evolves over time, which is why I am steady and continuous communication with you until your matter is concluded.

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